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Istanbul Travel Guide - The Official

Istanbul is one of the world top touristic destinations. Many people choose Istanbul as their next holiday destination. Travelling to Istanbul is always a good choice. For family vacation, friends' trips, solo traveling or even a honeymoon .

Visiting Istanbul is definitely a great plan. Thanks to this guide you will know all the hidden secrets of the charming city. Like preparing travel documents or finding the best accommodations in Istanbul. Even finding free museum entrance, cheaper transportations tickets, deals or even food discounts. (who doesn’t love Turkish food!)

While istanbul is one of the mosted visited countries, there are few things you need to keep in mind or things to plan ahead of your visit . Planning for your visit to istanbul will save you alot of trouble.

The Official Guide to Istanbul Travel have all secrets of travelling to Istanbul like pro. Answering all the questions and revealing the best places to visit in istanbul. Ultimate plans to holidays in istanbul by expert travelers. As well as secret spots of istanbul to take amazing photo like instagram influencers.

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Why choose Istanbul for your next destination?

Simply because Istanbul has everything you need to pass the best holidays ever. Many people choose Istanbul as their first travel destination, or their honeymoon and even Istanbul for shopping trips!

The country itself has a lot to offer. Starting from the majesty of its historical monuments, to its modern architecture and lifestyle. Many expert travelers who travelled around the world. Assumes that Istanbul is one of their top travelling destinations. In a word, visit Istanbul and you will never regret it!

Before travelling to Istanbul

Before any travel, is mandatory that you have all necessary travel documents. Such as visa, health assurance, hostel or hotel reservation. A careful preparation for your travel helps you to avoid any kind of future problem. Also, assure you a safe and enjoyable trip.

Entering the Turkish border requires a visa. Many people get rejected or deported from Turkish airports because they didn’t have a visa to Turkey. So before travelling to Istanbul airports you should be ready.

In short, a Turkish visa is a MUST in order to visit Turkey. The type of visa to Turkey depends on your purpose of the visit and country of passport. First, you need to check if you are eligible to enter Turkey. Then make sure that your passport is minimum 6 months valid before requesting visa.

Applying for Turkey visa is very easy: just double click to this this website so you can apply for Turkey visa. The website is really clear, contains detailed information depending on all travelling cases. Applying for online visa to Turkey is so simple, you only need to fill an online form and your visa will be ready!


What to wear for your travel to Istanbul? 

Turkey is a very modern islamic country. That’s why the Turkish society shares different ideas, opinions and beliefs.  Generally , rural areas habitant tend to be more reserved and sometimes offensive about other’s wearings . Whereas, in cosmopolitan cities like Istanbul, people are more open-minded. Turkish woman wears shorts to the streets so there is no problem for you to wear them. You can freely wear what you want in the famous streets and touristic areas of Istanbul.  We can’t deny the fact that there are clothes rules to respect in certain places such as mosques or historical monuments. The Istanbul Travel Guide has all necessary and specific information to help you during your travel in Istanbul.

What to wear inside the Blue mosque, Istanbul?

Visiting the Blue mosque in Istanbul is a must. So you should be prepared to follow the dress code before entering. You need to cover your arms and legs also woman need to cover their hair with a scarf. Here is an example of outfit or clothes a tourist female can put on to visit the Blue mosque. A pair of jeans topped with a long sleeve shirt and a scarf to cover the hair once inside the mosque.

Example of Outfit you can wear to tourisit visit to blue mosque in Istanbul

Anti theft bag for your Istanbul Travel

Traveling to Istanbul can make some people fear the idea because they are not sure of how safe is the city of Istanbul. Some people recommend that you use an anti theft bag to save your staffs while walking around Istanbul streets. Istanbul is a safe place with a low crime rate during the day, but nights in Istanbul can be dangerous. For this reason is always better to try to keep your cash, documents and valuable things inside an anti theft bag. 

A good pair of shoes during your travel to Istanbul

Istanbul is a very big city with many sightseeing and new places to discover. Even if you are planning to take the Tourist City pass to Istanbul who gives you unlimited transport in Istanbul,  you will still need to walk. Istanbul monuments and museums are very huge. Just visiting Topkapi requires a lot of walking.  So try to find a comfortable pair of shoes to avoid getting tired so easily.

What to wear if travelling to Istanbul in summer?

If you are visiting Istanbul during the summer or spring don’t forget to bring your sunscreen with you. During summer it can get really hot and sweaty in Istanbul. To avoid the hot weather in Istanbul you can wear fresh and cold clothes during the day including a hat and sun glass. You can also keep a little jacket for late nights.

What to wear if travelling to Istanbul in winter?

For those who are visiting Istanbul in winter or during Christmas periods. Winter in Istanbul is very cold and you can spot snow during December and January in Istanbul. Make sure to pack hot clothes including rain boots, umbrella and thermic clothes because it can rain sometimes in Istanbul. 

Where to stay in Istanbul?

Istanbul is famous by being a leading city in the tourism. Each year Istanbul receive a huge number of tourists from all over the world. Istanbul offers its travelers a wide range of accommodations: hostels, guesthouses, apartments, hotels starting from budget hotels till the most luxurious hotels.

Choosing your accommodation in Istanbul can, sometimes, be an issue for some travelers. Istanbul is a very big city with different neighborhoods. Many of Istanbul areas are great to stay in. Yet it has always been hard to decide where to stay in Istanbul. Throughout the Istanbul travel guide you can find detailed information about Istanbul best areas to stay in. Then you can decide the best accommodation for your travel.

Where to stay in Istanbul for first time travelers - Sultanahmet 

Sultanahmet is the most historical neighborhood in Istanbul. If you are travelling to Istanbul for the first time. And you want to discover the city’s monuments as well as historical side? Then the Sultanahmet neighborhood is the best option for you. Staying in Sultanahmet will keep you close to all the top tourist attractions of Istanbul. All of Topkapi palace, Hagia Sophie, the blue Mosque and Hippodrome are just few walking minutes away. Also the Grand Bazaar is just 10 minutes away taking the tram.

The only inconvenience of the Sultanahmet neighborhood is the expensive price of food and shopping. Your food in Sultanahmet can cost you the double of the normal price about 6 Turkish Lira more.

Wondering what to do in Sultanahmet Istanbul? Here is a detailed list of top things to do in Sultanahmet Istanbul.

Where to stay in Istanbul on budget - Beyoglu

Beyoglu is a very trendy and young neighborhood located on the European side. Many young people who traveled to Istanbul choose to stay in Beyoglu because is full of life. Beyoglu has a lot of different accommodations. You can find student hostels, budget hotels as well as luxurious hotels.Also you can find anything you need in Beyoglu starting from popular coffees, trendy bars to top rated restaurants in Istanbul. Inside Beyoglu there are many trendy streets for shopping such as TaKsim, the most visited street in Istanbul. Taksim is a very popular and dynamic street where you can get the best shopping deals in Istanbul.

Where to stay in Istanbul for families - Grand Bazaar

If you are traveling to Istanbul with your family and looking for accommodation in quietly animated zone. The Grand Bazaar is the best bet for your travel to Istanbul.
Located in the center of Istanbul, Grand Bazaar is very near to Istanbul’s top attractions and sites. The zone has a lot of marketplaces and shops nearby.
Reaching the top tourist place of Istanbul from Gand Bazaar is acceptable walking distance of 20 minutes.

If you are traveling to Istanbul with your kids, they might get tired of walking up to the tourist areas of Istanbul. Also, kids can get tired of too much waiting in the entrance line. So you can get Istanbul tourist pass for unlimited Transport and free entrance to more than 30 attractions in Istanbul. The Istanbul tourist pass offers you to see Istanbul’s famous sites, unlimited transport and no long waiting in the entrance lines. The Pass is very economical. It offers reductions for kids less than 15 years-old.

Need more information about Istanbul Tourist Pass? Here is a detailed guide with all the offers of Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Where to stay in Istanbul for great night life - Galata

Travelers to Istanbul who loves night life and looking for the best parties ever in Istanbul need to book their accommodation in Galata. Even that Galata is a zone inside Beyoglu but we can’t skip to mention it. Galatea is the heart of Istanbul’s best parties and the most insane night life. The neighborhood streets have many pubs, bars for shots or wine, trendy restaurants and night clubs.

Looking for more information about the best night clubs, restaurants and pubs in Galata Istanbul? Here is the official guide to Istanbul night life

Where to stay in Istanbul for solo female traveler

Numerous people are wondering about the safety of Istanbul. Especially if you are traveling to Istanbul as solo female. Istanbul is very calm and secure. The city is safe around the tourist zones and shopping sites. However, in some streets, far from the tourist zones, especially late at night it can get a little bit dangerous if you are alone.

That’s why is better to choose your accommodation in a famous neighborhood. Sultanahmet if you want to be near to Istanbul’s top tourist sites. Galata if you are looking for great nightlife. Beyoglu for Istanbul on Budget and Grand Bazaar for calm holidays in Istanbul.

Need more information about your travel to Istanbul as solo female traveler ? Get the official Guide to Istanbul for solo female traveler.

Istanbul Travel on budget - How to Enjoy Istanbul without spending too much?

Few people know the secrets of Istanbul traveling on budget and how to get all the best deals without spending too much money. Despite that public transports in Turkey don't have discounts, we will reveal to you a cheaper way to transport around Istanbul. Even that museum entrance is quite expensive, we still know from where to great deals. In the Istanbul travel guide we put all things you need to know about Istanbul on budget. Like free internet, discounts on food, cheaper transportation, free trips and free museum tickets in Istanbul.
Even more, we have tips on how making money while traveling in Istanbul.

How to get unlimited transport and free museum entrance while traveling in Istanbul

Travels in Istanbul can be sometimes tiring because the main tourist sites are far from each other. Taking a taxi in Istanbul is not the best option as they charge you too much for a ride. Even taking public transport is not convenient because you have to pay 5 TL for each ride. Visiting just one attraction site for one person you need 10TL in public transport. Not to mention that entrance ticket to Istanbul’s historical sites are quite expensive. Which makes is it hard to visit all of Istanbul museums without running out of cash.

Most of the people who travel to Istanbul on budget use Istanbul city pass. Holders of Istanbul city pass can enter the top attraction in Istanbul paying only 25% of the real price. They also have the advantage of free guided tours, 24 hours of hop-and-off bus, free airport transportation, free internet and even a luxurious Turkish dinner on cruise. Add to all of that, holders of the Istanbul city pass can skip the entrance queue. What's better than saving up to 75% of your money and getting the best of what Istanbul has to offer.

Istanbul city pass is available for unlimited 2 days or 3 days of traveling in Istanbul. If you want more information about what is included in Istanbul city pass, prices and where you can get it. then check the official website of the Istanbul city pass. The website has everything you need to know about the Istanbul city pass and explaining how to get Istanbul city pass with just two steps.

How to work and travel in Istanbul at the same time

Talking about how to find work while you are travelling in Istanbul is definitely my topic. When I was a university student, I always wanted to travel, but my problem is that I was short of money. So I tried to find work in Istanbul for tourist or even for university student. I searched online a lot, but I didn't find a way to work in Istanbul as a university student on vacation! They only want people to work for long periods of 1 year or more.

Luckily, there was a new association in my university called AIESEC who helps students to find internships abroad.Though this association I found a 3 month paid internship in summer in Istanbul. so I got my online visa to Turkey for work, my flight ticket and packed my stuff.I can only say that I had a wonderful 3 months vacation where I worked, met new friends and learned about Turkish culture.
If you are a university student, you can contact the AIESEC of your university to help you find a paid summer internship not only in Istanbul but in all turkey. Nowadays the AIESEC association is almost in all countries of the world. AIESEC in Turkey has been very active they always offer many paid internships to foreign students.

How to earn money from your travel to Istanbul

Another great way helped me make money out of my travel to Istanbul, is buying and selling clothes from Turkey. In Istanbul you can find many cheap street markets with a good quality selling all kinds of wearings and bags. So I bought a couple of bag and clothes made in Turkey and sold them through a shopping group in Facebook. This trick helps you earn money after your travel to Istanbul, so make sure that you have a place to sell them like amazon, Facebook groups or well known websites in your country.

How to get free accommodation in Istanbul

Finding a free accommodation and free of charges in Istanbul is possible. Many people from Istanbul open the door of their home to tourists from all the world.
Or host for free foreign students through associations like AIESEC.
Turkish people love to share their culture, learn about new ones and make friends from all over the world. The idea is great for people who want to stay with locals in Istanbul and make Turkish friends. But not everyone feels comfortable staying at home of a person they don't know.
Some websites like Couchsurfing helps you to look for free accommodation in Turkey.